Web Survival Guide: Run-down!

On the 16th October 2017,  Media Monitoring Africa launched their Media Freedom Week festivities with a bang! Hosted at Google South Africa’s offices, the panel discussion zeroed in on children and the responsibilities and challenges they face in the digital world.

Facilitated by Joanne Joseph (eNCA), the expert panellists each shared their views on how we, as both parents and children, can navigate the internet in a safe, fun and cool way.

Dianne Mc Alpine (LeadSA) opened the discussion by sharing how much has changed since she got her first cell phone!


A recurring idea from across the board was that digital literacy for both parents and children was an absolute necessity if we are to bridge the divide, and that parents still have a crucial role to play in their children learning about online safety.



Although parents need to protect their children to some extent, it is also about empowering them to become web-savvy and knowing how to protect themselves from online dangers. The Web Rangers programme (www.webrangers.co.za – a digital literacy programme from young people) was reiterated time and again as one way of doing this.


We would like to thank each of each our phenomenal speakers for sharing their exquisite insights, including Dianne Mc Alpine (LeadSA), Diana Schwarz (PPM Attorneys), Lerato Makhalemele (Web Ranger) and Naledi Selaye (Web Ranger).

View the full event below:



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