Media Monitoring Africa statement on the latest SABC Board crisis.

The latest action by the Portfolio Committee to delay the appointment of new SABC Board members, not only flies in the face of their promises to expedite the process, it constitutes a gross dereliction of duty and a violation of their oath of public office.

In seeking to deepen the governance crisis at the SABC, they are deliberately seeking to destabalise our public broadcaster, and our democracy. Their actions lead to two routes: one, we have an inquorate Board as we approach elections, and an SABC in financial crisis. Two, they seek to force the remainder of the Board to resign so they can appoint appoint an interim Board of lackeys and stooges. Both events have a similar outcome for our public broadcaster – its collapse as a public broadcaster, and a return to a state broadcaster. The only real difference between the options is the time it takes.

As such, and having known full well of the impending crises, these latest actions could be seen not just as a gross violation of their public oath of office, but as acts of treason.

That public representatives can act in this manner spits in the face of all who fought for freedom in South Africa. We (MMA) are currently exploring all legal avenues and forms of recourse to help avert an elections crisis. All South Africans should be utterly revolted at this betrayal of our democracy.

Read more on the crisis here:

City Press, 18/02/2019, SABC in limbo ahead of elections,

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