Media Freedom Festival is an action-packed series of events that serve as an opportunity for us to ponder, probe and interrogate some of the key media-related issues of the moment. It is hosted at the end of October every year to honour Black Wednesday (19 October).

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Children’s vision for media future webinar
October 26, 2pm

A central area of work focuses on children, this theme will help demonstrate to adults in particular that children have agency and important thoughts and views on key issues. For this theme we will look at the concern that children have expressed around the media but we will also seek to have them look forward and to talk about what a future could and should look like in terms of media.

We will be unpacking for including the voices of children  with UNICEF South Africa, SANEF and World Association of Newspapers.

 Grappling with the rift of race and xenophobia webinar
October 28, 2pm:

We have recently seen how social media has been used as a targeted weapon especially on social media to spread and deepen divides.  For this theme we aim to unpack how social media is used to deepen divides and encourage people not to assume that social media is reality.  This webinar will unpack how some entities use social media to spread hate and deepen divides.

Partners:  Centre for Analytics Behaviour Change and Digital Forensic Research Lab.

Guarding against disinformation and deepfakes webinar
October 30, 2pm

Disinformation continues to be a threat to our society especially on online platforms, as digital platforms become a daily norm, so are digital offences. It is also  evident that deepfakes are becoming increasingly sophisticated in mastering the art of deceiving, this workshop will help in understanding what it is, how it looks like and what it aims to achieve.  Real411 and our other tools and apps are there to help combat including, Rover, KnowNews and Open & Disclose.

Join us as we unpack tips and tools to guard yourself against disinformation and deepfakes!

The ethical tightrope (who will make it to the other side?)
October 30, 2pm

Let the games begin! Think journalists have it easy? think again, they make difficult decisions everyday. If you still think they have it easy come and watch them squirm while you learn how ethical decisions are being made as they play the ethical tightrope game. Prepare for two master scenario setters to present extreme ethical dilemmas then put yourself in their place as you watch the game contestants and see if they can make ethical decisions.

Far too often our media get blamed when they get things wrong but there seems to be little awareness of just how hard it often is. This event will be able to show the audience the kinds of ethical dilemmas our editors and decision makers go through in producing news. Now the big question is.. which editor will make it to the other side? Join us and be part of this fun and impactful game and discussion. 

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Nomshado Lubisi,,

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