19 December 2023, Tech Central, Sandra Laurence

Real411 is the official platform for reporting misinformation and disinformation in the lead-up to the 2024 poll. All election complaints are shared with the IEC’s Directorate for Electoral Offences, which carefully assesses each case and ensures appropriate measures are taken.The DA has initiated legal proceedings against Cramer under sections of the Cybercrimes Act

William Bird, MMA director, said the Real411 platform takes proactive measures against disinformation.

“Upon careful review of any reported complaint indicating disinformation or misinformation, the commission promptly notifies the relevant online platform. The platform is expected to acknowledge and swiftly process the notification, ensuring a diligent response,” Bird said.

Real411 was created by MMA to empower citizens with the means to combat digital disinformation. “When you report an instance of digital disinformation to Real411, you are not just raising awareness, you are also initiating action and safeguarding the integrity of the upcoming election,” its website said.

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