The Monitoring Made Easy (MME) tool is an African first. It will enable any human rights organisation to monitor how gender is represented in print and broadcast media. By using the MME software, you will be able to produce almost instant results based on best-practice media monitoring methodologies developed by the Media Monitoring Project. You will be able to analyse and challenge media coverage of gender, as well as, evaluate the impact of your organisation’s media campaigns. Apply Media Monitoring Project’s world class methodologies in your organisation today! Download the booklet now!


This page is the support and information page for the Monitoring Made Easy Gender software.  Select a question you want the answer to, from the list below, or alternatively email

The Monitoring Made Easy Software is now available online for you to monitor with automatic data back-up off site. Email for a username and password.

MME Support

Q.  I installed the software and got a page of code, what do I do?

See instructions with screen shots.

1. Go to your control panel, select Administrative Tools
2. Select the Information Services Manager
3. Choose your computer.  On the right a number of options may appear, right click on Default web site.  Select Properties.
4. Click on the ASP.NET tag.  On that screen click the down arrow next to the ASP. NET versions.  Choose the option 2.0.50727.  Click OK.

Q.  When I want to add a new capture, I cannot select the correct medium, even though I’ve added it.

A.  This is a small software glitch.

To circumvent this problem, save the new capture with the incorrect medium and then immediately click edit next to your newly added enter.  You will now be able to change the option to the medium that you’ve added.

Or you can fix the problem by right clicking this link and chosing ‘Save as’ from the menu.  Save it into the following folder – C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\MMEG\forms.  Save it over the old file.  If you are unsure of this process at all, call your network administrator, as a mistake can make your software inoperable.

Q.  I’m confused. The codes for origin don’t match in the monitoring guide and the database.

A.  Please download the new monitoring guide.

Q.  I installed the software and got the following error: Server Error in ‘MMEG Application. Failed to access IIS metabase.

A.  This is due to re-installing IIS after installing .NET Framework 2.0. If this applies to you, you can fix the problem via Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove .NET Framework 2.0 > Repair .Net Framework 2.0 – (OR reinstall .NET 2.0)

Q. I went through the installation process and on the final page I got an error message saying that the components necessary to run the MME are not installed. What do I do?

A.  For instructions with screenshots, click here.

Firstly, check that you have IIS installed by going to the control panel, selecting add/remove software and clicking on windows components. The box next to IIS should be ticked. If not, get your Windows CD and follow the instructions on the flash application that opens when you run the MMEG CD.

If you have done this.  Make sure the MMEG CD is in your CD drive. Go to windows explorer (press E & the windows button simultaneously) or click on my computer.  Click the + sign next to the MMEG Installer (CD drive) or right click on MMEG Installer and select open from the menu that pops up.  Select fscommand.  Double click on dotnetfx.  The installer for dotnet will run.  Then run MMEGsetup under the same (fscommand) folder.  The application should now work.

Q.  I installed the software and closed the browser before I bookmarked it. How do I find it again?

A.  The default location is http://localhost/mmeg. You get to it by typing the address into your browser, either Internet Explorer, Firefox (recommended) or another browser.

Q.  The software is installed on the server or another computer in our organisation. How do I access it from my workstation?

A.  You may need your system administrators help to find out what the server or other workstation is called. Then you type into your browser (that is your internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox) http://{server_or_computer_name}/mmeg. Replace text in brackets with the server or computer name.

Don’t forget to bookmark the address!

Q.  I installed the software and it opened my browser to a page that says: ‘Server Error in ‘/’ Application.Runtime Error’. What do I do?

A.  This is probably a problem with IIS.  Under your control panel select Administrative Tools.  Then select Internet Information Services from the next menu.  IIS will open.  On the left panel, press the ‘+’ sign next to your computer. More options will be visable.  Click on the ‘+’ next to Websites and then the ‘+’ next to Default websites.  MMEG should be on that list.  Right click on it.  Select Stop on the list that appears, and then press Start.  If it is already shown as stopped, just press start.

Q.  I installed the software and it opened to a page with the heading ‘Server Error in ‘/’ Application. Configuration Error’.

A.  This may mean that there may be a problem with the functioning of IIS. Please reinstall it from your Windows CD Rom. The instructions are on the flash application. Please remember that if you reinstall IIS, you have to reinstall .net and the MMEG, or the application won’t work.

Q.  I want to add another group to the groups given as there is a group, particular to my country, that does not fit within the standard options.

A. You MUST be sure about doing this as data will not be comparable for this group.

1. Paste the following into your address bar in your my computer application
2. Open main
3. Look under tables
4. Select tblistgroup

The list will be as follows:
Code   Descr
1.      National Government
2.      Provincial Government
3.      Political Parties
4.      Commissions/Funders
5.      Academic
6.      NGO/CBO
7.      Unions
8.      Justice System
9.      Media
10.      Civil Society
11.      Corporations
12.      International
13.      Other (Last resort)

5. Change 13 to your new group and 14 to Other.

Q.  I editted the mediums list then tried to add a ‘new capture’. I could not save the changes and got the error ‘Server Error in ‘/MMEG’ Application. Error executing child request for add_main.aspx.’

A. There are two possible solutions to the problem.

Ideally do the following: right clicking this link and chosing ‘Save as’ from the menu. Save it into the following folder – C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\MMEG\forms. Save it over the old file. If you are unsure of this process at all, call your network administrator, as a mistake can make your software inoperable.

Alternatively, reinstall the application using the CD.  Then leave in the entry for SABC 3.  When you add a new capture, save the entry with SABC.  Click on edit next to your new entry.  You will now have all the other mediums you have added in the drop down list.

Q.  I tried to install the .net, like it says on the CD, and I got the following error: Error: Prerequisite programms are missing. MS Windows installer 3.0.

A.  MS Window installer is bundled with XP service pack 2, although you can download it separately. Service pack 2 is a windows security patch and it is advisable that you install it. Your system administrator, should have a copy, or to download it, go to

MME Documents

Components necessary to run the MME are not installed – Last updated 11/24/2006

Failed to access IIS metabase. – Last updated 10/30/2006

Monitoring guide v.2 – Last updated 11/24/2006

Shortened Monitoring Guide – Last updated 03/21/2007