Yesterday, the Media Monitoring Project rebranded to become Media Monitoring Africa and relaunched their website. The relaunch and rebranding coincides with their 15-year anniversary. The name change represents a realignment of their organisational identity to be more in-line with the work they do.  They have, after all being working in different countries in Africa since 1995. Along with the rebranding, the new website is designed to be more interactive, encouraging greater civil society engagement with media.

One of the most popular sections on the website has always been our research reports, used by media academics and students alike. Those, together with analysis pieces on media issues, will still be available.  However, the website will also have unique special features:
• What is your media personality?  Find out whether you are more like Mugabe or Mandela, are you a i-dotter and t-crosser, or more slap-dash in the new quiz;
• A new blog on media issues and human rights by the director, William Bird;
• A mechanism to complain to or complement media right, online and get results;
• Listen to our podcasts and subscribe for more;
• Participate in campaigns against coverage;
• Guides and tools for both media practitioners to encourage human rights-compliant coverage; and,
• Guides and tools for civil society in engaging with and attempting to improve media coverage.

Find the new website at