The past year has seen Media Monitoring Africa’s work continue to increase, as the threats to media freedom in South Africa have not let up. Not dissimilar to last year, we have also seen a rise in challenges to media credibility, resulting in threats of state interference to media regulation.


In October as Media Monitoring Africa celebrates its 25th year, media and civil society are gearing up to remember and celebrate the media freedom that does exist and take the opportunity to focus on the positive wins that we have achieved.

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) is excited to announce Media Freedom Week 2018, a series of interesting, engaging and challenging discussions during the week 22-26 October 2018.

Each of these early evening discussions will take place at a different venue with diverse speakers featuring a different media-related topic. Discussions will range from children and digital literacy issues through public broadcasting, media credibility and elections.

“Media Freedom Week is in part to commemorate Black Wednesday [19 October], but also to showcase some of the great work that the media and civil society are doing to contribute to and improve the sector more broadly. While we are celebrating and commemorating what’s happened in the media this year, we also hope that each event will highlight the good things that are taking place.” – William Bird, MMA Director.

Each event is open to the public and will be free of charge. They will each take place at 18h00 for 18h30 until 19h30 followed by light refreshments.

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