Practical guidelines for producing strategic communication aimed at addressing gender-based violence (GBV) in Southern Africa and improving gender equality.


Strategic Communication is communication for behavioural change, and behavioural change is one of the key requirements for reducing the incidence of gender-based violence.

The guidelines were produced after a study of communications in South Africa and Namibia, including media campaigns, and of the many resources that already exist. In order to meet some of the needs identified through these studies, the guidelines include:

  • A 10 step plan to follow for producing a communication strategy;
  • How to go about researching your intended audience to produce the right message;
  • Understanding behavioural change and its relation to your intended audience;
  • Monitoring & Evaluation planning and techniques appropriate to gender-focused communications.

In addition to the PDF version, hard-copy books are also available. Please contact MMA should you be interested in obtaining copies.