As a metaphor, a web does nicely to describe human trafficking: a thing with many threads, sticky, dangerous, and unseen by victims. The sticky threads each different yet inseparable, certainly not linear, clean, neat and easily spotted…well unless you’re the spider that is.

What do we know about human trafficking? What should we know about it? What are we being told by the media? What is the media missing?

This report examines South African media coverage of human trafficking during and after the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup, as a foundation to evaluate what has been communicated by media on the issue. It also lays out important truths about trafficking in South Africa as it aims to break through myth and preconceived ideas. As the final component of a broader multifaceted project “Child Protection and Human Trafficking: Is the Media Telling the Right(s) Story”, MMA has begun the development of a best practice methodology for reporting on human trafficking with a specific focus on child protection.

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