MMA’s Submission on User Generated Comments

MMA was asked to make a submission to the Independent Newspapers User-Generated Content Panel. The main aim of the Panel is to report on and make recommendations concerning hate speech, personal attacks and defamatory statements contained in comments by the public on internet websites controlled by Independent Newspapers.

What is Wazimap?

William Bird, Director of MMA explains what Wazimap is, how to use it and how Wazimap can work for you! See one of MMA’s newest interactive online tools for journalists.

Join MMA and Centre for Child Law for the Sexual Offences Amendment Act and the Media Conference

Media Monitoring Africa and the Centre for Child Law invite you to attend the Prestigious Inaugural Lecture Series on the Sexual Offences Amendment Act and the Media.

Mail and Guardian’s follow-up gets a thumbs up

Mail and Guardian’s article “Foundations are laid to tackle the mud schools debacle” (12-18/09/2014, pp.10&11) reminds us that many schools in the Eastern Cape still do not have proper infrastructure.

Vulnerable children deserve better protection

Articles by Daily Sun have been selected for a MAD for putting the already vulnerable children at risk of harm.

An inconsideration steals The Star’s shine

Reports by The Star focusing on children involved in sensitive matters highlight a clear need for consistency when it comes to reporting on children. 

SABC still lacking quality local content

An article written by Andile Ndlovu and published on Times Lives looks at the state of local content on our public broadcaster, the SABC. The article makes reference to MMA’s report, Lack of Diversity: Analysis of SABC News and Programming (2012).

Daily Sun puts children’s best interests at the fore

Media Monitoring Africa recognises Daily Sun’s great effort of putting child labour on the public agenda.

Daily Sun and Sowetan debunk stereotypes on children

Media Monitoring Africa congratulates Daily Sun and Sowetan  for producing reports that challenge how children are predominantly represented in the media.

The Star not in the picture about children’s rights

A photograph accompanying an article by The Star has been selected for a MAD for violating the right to privacy and dignity of a child. 

The New Age and City Press impress in their portrayal of children

Articles by The New Age and City Press get a GLAD for showcasing positive and diverse roles that children can play. Roles which are all too-often overlooked by the media.

Three Takeaways from the Deutsche Welle, Global Media Forum

MMA’s Director, William Bird recently attended the Deutsche Welle, Global Media Forum in Germany. Read about the three key things that hit home and why these takeaways are important to MMA’s work.

Media Coverage of Child Protection Week: Still room for improvement

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) conducted an in-depth analysis into the portrayal of issues affecting children during Child Protection Week. Read about the common trends, the highs and lows of media’s coverage of Child Protection Week.

The Star shows how children are given a raw deal

A nuanced opinion piece by Carmel Rickard published in The Star shows that there is more to Maintenance cases than what is commonly reported in the media.

Licensing journalists does not guarantee quality news

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) is deeply concerned by statements made by the SABC’s Acting Chief Operation Officer (COO), Hlaudi Motsoeneng, regarding the licensing of journalists. The statements were made at the annual Joburg Radio Days conference at Wits University and repeated on Talk Radio 702 yesterday.