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MMA and SOS Coalition: Written Submissions on the Films and Publications Amendment Bill

Media Monitoring Africa and the SOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition have made a joint submission on the Films and Publications Amendment Bill.

SABC Digital News, 20 May 7am Web Rangers create a chain of online safety tools for SA youth
It’s time parents of Generation Z learnt about 53X

William Bird and other commentators on text speak and online safety.

SABC must withdraw illegitimate editorial policies passed in bad faith

MMA and SOS note with concern that the SABC has finalised and is implementing its revised editorial policies without having completed the public participation process it had set out.

Empowering images of children take centre stage

Articles by The New Age and the Daily Sun receive a GLAD for portraying children in a non-stereotypical manner and for clearly making an effort to celebrate their successes.

The Sowetan and The Star protects the identities of vulnerable children

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) congratulates the Sowetan and The Star for taking extra caution when reporting on sensitive issues involving children.

The Sowetan’s coverage of education crisis worthy of emulation

Over the past recent weeks, Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) has observed how the Sowetan has been consistent in providing well balanced and contextualised coverage of the crises plaguing the country’s education system.

eTV plans to pull news from prime time in exchange for popular shows

Media Monitoring Africa head of programmes, Wellington Radu weighs in on the decision by eTV to pull news from prime time in exchange for popular shows and the implications it has on their viewers.

VACANCY - Children’s Project Facilitator

Media Monitoring Africa is looking for an experienced individual to take on the position of Children’s Project Facilitator to start as soon as possible.

[IAB Digital Summit 2016] The sting in the tail

Media Monitoring Africa director, William Bird attending the IAB Digital Summit 2016 as a speaker is quoted extensively on his address regarding data protection and online information.

Time to make noise about SABC’s caller ban

Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird writes about the decision taken by the SABC to ban call-ins, a move taken in light of the upcoming local government elections. William Bird notes that the move undermines SABC presenters and will weaken the diversity of content. 

Web Rangers South Africa want you!

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA), Google SA & partners are rolling out Web Rangers SA, a South African first, where children will champion good digital citizenship & online safety.
200 children will be recruited to become Web Rangers. The Web Rangers will promote online safety by encouraging their peers to be good digital citizens through the creative campaigns they create.

Children, regardless of their nationality, deserve protection

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) encourages The New Age and the media at large to treat children equally, irrespective of their nationality. All children should be afforded the same rights in the media. The normal rules of journalism cannot be willy-nilly suspended when it comes to reporting on stories of foreign origin.

Study: racism in SA not worse

Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird comments on the status of racism in South Africa with reference to the report released by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR).

SABC gagging order hard to swallow

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) notes with concern the alleged official decision by the SABC to cancel open lines and calls for South Africans to demand an urgent investigation into these claims. MMA also calls for the SABC to re-open their phones lines so that during this particularly crucial period of pre-elections our views, opinions, comments and voices can be heard.