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Penn State doctoral student brings international perspective to her efforts

Giuliana Sorce wants to see the world, but the motivation for her latest journey — a doctoral dissertation — began at home.


Media Monitoring Africa says it is looking at ways to tackle false news websites, which is on the increase.

You have been duped by fake news websites

In South Africa so much of our news is so bizarre that it could actually be fake, so the stories on those websites are not that bizarre.

Hate crimes bill ‘makes sense’ but tweaks and contributions are needed

In terms of the bill in its current form, the definition of hate speech will make it impossible to make jokes of any occupations or trades.

Primedia top exec quits in Times Media row

Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird said on Monday that the timing of the resignation was interesting.

Media Monitoring Africa supports the SABC 8 and condemns further threats to our democracy!

The news that the SABC 8 have been receiving death threats pose a clear and present danger to our democracy. We call on the SAPS and all other law enforcement agencies to treat these actions as a priority crime. 

Showing the better face of African journalism

Ntate Joe is an amazing man because he exemplifies what it is to so clearly link passion, with his career, justice and democracy.

Isu Elihle Awards launched and finalists announced

On Monday, 8 November 2016, Media Monitoring Africa launched the inaugural Isu Elihle Awards at Google South Africa in Byranston, Johannesburg.

Invitation: Isu Elihle Awards Rewarding Innovative journalism about children

Which journalist will have the most innovative story idea on the African Child? Join us as we celebrate and reward the best stories ideas submitted for Media Monitoring Africa’s inaugural Isu Elihle Awards.

Rands, not censorship, may be behind the SABC axing prime time news

For the SABC the move is less about censorship and more about massively declining audiences and seeking to retain advertising revenue.

TMG leads Primedia race

Media Monitoring Africa director said while the transaction made business sense, the lobby group was worried that it would concentrate media ownership in South Africa even further.

SABC joins etv to give prime time news the boot

Bird acknowledges that viewers habits for consuming news has changed with the onset of 24 hour news channels and online digital offerings.


Mail & Guardian gets a GLAD for shining the light on the child involved and celebrating her success.

Identifying a child victim undermines the law

Daily Sun gets a MAD for contravening the Code of ethics and conduct for South African print and online media.


Media Monitoring Africa says citizens should be concerned after Hlaudi Motsoeneng took another top position.