Election adverts clearly not good enough for the SABC!

MMA responds to the reported decision that the SABC has again decided ban the broadcast of a Political Party broadcast

Real Talk, Real Change. Making Gender an Election Issue

Last week MMA held the first discussion in the Real Talk, Real Change series. Next week, we will be hearing from experts on gender and how to make gender an election issue during the 2014 South African elections.

Empowering Children, Empowering Media

Media Monitoring Africa’s children’s programme aims to improve the portrayal and active participation of children in the news.

In striving to attain this goal, MMA has done a lot of work around children’s rights and the media.

For a sneak preview of MMA’s work in the past three years, check our cool Interactive tool

MMA responds to possible censorship at the SABC

MMA is deeply concerned by what appears to be an act of censorship and clear limitation of freedom of speech, by the SABC’s decision not to broadcast a Democratic Alliance advert that is strongly critical of the ANC.

Real Talk, Real Change. Making Children an Election Issue

Real Talk, Real Change. MMA and the IAJ invite you to participate in the first discussion, making children an election issue

Real Talk, Real Change

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) in partnership with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) invites you to a series of discussions on how media should cover Children, Gender, Social Justice issues in the run up to the 2014 National and Provincial elections.

Well done Daily Sun!  This is how it’s done

Media Monitoring Africa recognises the Daily Sun’s effort to portray a child in a positive light in the article titled, “She got a call from America!” (20/03/2014, p.34) by Lesego Molefe. 

MMA’s Submission in response to the ICT Green Paper 2014

MMA has responded to the Department of Communication’s call for submissions to the ICT Green Paper Policy, gazetted in January 2014. MMA welcomes this call and the opportunity for submissions.There has however been debate around the issues which are absent from the ICT Green Paper and whether there should be a call for the Green Paper to be completely reviewed and these issues addressed.

eNCA protects child defendant,forgets to do the same for child victim

The Criminal Procedure Act clearly stipulates that identities of children who are either victims, witnesses or defendants in a criminal case should always be protected in the media. eNCA however failed to comply with this provision when they identified a child accused of crime in the article titled “Pupil repeatedly stabbed in face with scissors during row” (13/03/2014). 

The Citizen shows more complex side of violence

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) applauds The Citizen for their exemplary coverage of child abuse in a feature article titled “The darkest family secret” (25/02/2014, p. 7).

Sowetan’s passion for children’s issues shines through

Several articles published in Sowetan’s 17 February 2014 edition have been selected as examples of good practice when reporting on children. The articles show a deliberate attempt on Sowetan’s part to include children and issues that affect them in the public agenda.

Power, Patriarchy and Gender Discrimination in Zimbabwean Newsrooms

Gender discrimination, in its various debilitating forms, is known to occur in almost every professional setting.For this reason, Media Monitoring Africa and local media partners in Zimbabwe investigated the nature of gender discrimination in Zimbabwean newsrooms.

Sowetan raises concerns about child safety and welfare in school

Two articles by the Sowetan  receive a GLAD for clearly bringing to the fore some of the challenges the Department of Education faces in providing quality education and demonstrating how these problems negatively impact student learning.

I expected so much more from the SABC - William Bird

William Bird, Director at Media Monitoring Africa, writes about his disappointment in the SABC following the release of the latest report into the public broadcaster’s poor governance by The Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela. Bird notes that to be reduced to so much less, as the SABC has been, is a tragedy for South Africa’s young democracy.

The SABC: What’s on TV and How Healthy Is It?

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) has released its latest research report into the SABC programming titled “The SABC: What’s on TV and How Healthy Is It?”. The report examined the quality of the SABC television programming, and is a follow up to the August 2013 release of the report titled “What’s on the Menu? Understanding the Diet of Programming for Citizens”, which examined the diversity of programming on all SABC television platforms.