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The Media 24 Case: Centre for Child Law and 4 Others v Media 24 Limited and 13 Others (Part B)

What:  Privacy of child victims, witnesses and offenders vs Freedom of expression
Where:  Pretoria High Court
When:  From 10am on 9 & 10 February 2017
Why:  The first part of the case was about protecting the identity of a specific child victim. The second part of the case is to determine the scope of the law concerned for all child victims, child witnesses and child offenders.
- Applicants: Centre for Child Law; Childline, NICRO, Media Monitoring Africa
- Respondents:11 media organisations , SANEF, Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, NDPP
- The Minister does not oppose the Centre’s application

The Times paints a good picture of a child

The Times’ positive portrayal of a child receives an applause

MMA’s SABC Inquiry Presentation

See the full presentation presented to the SABC Parliamentary Inquiry in December 2016.

Media must refrain from promoting stereotypes about children

The Star newspaper receives a MAD for an article that supports stereotypes about children.

Rights of an abused boy violated

The Times gets a MAD for identifying a child involved in a criminal case.

Media should reinforce its efforts on ethical reporting

The Star is awarded a GLAD for ethically reporting on a story involving a child.

Watch the blood flow’ - text sent to SABC 8 journalist

The eight journalists were fired after objecting to censorship at the broadcaste

Unstable’ SABC has had 12 CEOs since 2008, inquiry hears

Media Monitoring Africa’s (MMA) William Bird told the committee that the institution had been unstable for almost a decade.

Fake news dangerous and getting harder to stop

Media Monitoring Africa agreed, saying fake websites in South Africa were becoming a serious problem.

SABC to appear before Icasa over editorial policies

Media Monitoring Africa and SOS Coalition lodged a complaint with the CCC over the SABC’s revised editorial policy

Media Monitoring Africa Reveals SABC Failed to adhere to the ICASA order and the Public Protest Ban

Media Monitoring Africa Reveals SABC Failed to adhere to the ICASA order and the Public Protest Ban was still in place up to as recently as October. MMA applauds ICASA’s decision to lay criminal charges against the SABC for failing to comply with its order on broadcast of footage of violent protests. Day one of the inquiry and already SABC has elected to walks out of the parliamentary inquiry to divert attention from a deluge of damning evidence.

Icasa Lays Criminal Charges Against SABC Over Protest Policy

Icasa has laid criminal charges against the SABC

Penn State doctoral student brings international perspective to her efforts

Giuliana Sorce wants to see the world, but the motivation for her latest journey — a doctoral dissertation — began at home.


Media Monitoring Africa says it is looking at ways to tackle false news websites, which is on the increase.

You have been duped by fake news websites

In South Africa so much of our news is so bizarre that it could actually be fake, so the stories on those websites are not that bizarre.