Media Monitoring Africa (MMA), Google SA & partners are rolling out Web Rangers SA, a South African first, where children will champion good digital citizenship & online safety.

200 children will be recruited to become Web Rangers. The Web Rangers will promote online safety by encouraging their peers to be good digital citizens through the creative campaigns they create.

We are looking for 10 vibrant pupils (aged 14-17) in 20 schools across Gauteng who will drive this initiative & follow in the footsteps of countries such as Israel, Philippines, New Zealand & India.

Once selected, the Web Rangers will attend exciting, educational & creative  workshops hosted in Johannesburg on how to safely & confidently use the internet. Individual  schools will then work on creating individual campaigns.
The best campaign will win awesome prizes from Google – winners announced  September 2016.
MMA will monitor, support and keep in contact with the participating teams on an ongoing basis.

This is a free, non-profit initiative. We only want to get as many South African children to be responsible digital citizens!

What’s in it for your school?

Web Rangers enables schools to:

  • Contribute towards empowering young people to become digitally literate and responsible children.
  • Become part of a global movement geared towards making a positive change.
  • Encourage meaningful participation of children in the digital space.
  • Support the safety of your students.
  • Provide diverse opportunities for learning.
  • Support pupils in the acquisition of creative skills in working with online tools.

Want to sign up? Email Registrations close March 15.

Questions? Contact MMA on 011 788 1278.

Need more info? Check out the Web Rangers page