MMA Position Description


Children’s Project Officer (entry level position)

  1. Position Function

The Children’s Project Officer is responsible for supporting implementation activities and tasks related to various children’s projects and initiatives that have been assigned to her/him as well as provide support in the implementation of other relevant projects that match their skills and abilities as requested by a Programme Manager or Head of Programmes.

  1. Organisational Structure

The Project Officer reports directly to various Programme Managers in charge of Programme Areas under which her projects fall under.

  1. Key Priorities defined

The following are key priorities for a Project Officer in order of importance

  • Project implementation: the project officer will be expected to carry out daily tasks related to projects that they are supporting as well as offer implementation support for other projects within their skill set as assigned to them by Programme Managers and Head of Programmes.
  • General responsibilities: these are universal tasks to be carried out by all staff members at MMA. These include but not limited to, staff meetings, writing commentaries and media monitoring.
  • Support for Project management: At times, the Project Officer will be requested to offer support to Project Coordinators, Programme Managers, Head of Programmes or the Director on tasks related to planning and strategic development of relevant projects within his or her skills and abilities.
  1. Project Implementation
  • Carry out specific activities relevant to the project you are implementing depending on skills and expertise that you have. These activities may include but not limited to;
    • Support children and media training workshops,
    • Working with Children in support of project activities
    • Regular follow ups with children on project activities
    • Logistic planning and/or execution for public events,
    • Workshop facilitation with children
    • Support planning and running campaigns on social and mainstream media,
    • Support in writing project related reports.

The following is a list of projects that PO is expected to implement some of the project activities based on her expertise and skills.

  • Web Rangers South Africa
  • Isu Elihle Awards
  • Article 12
  • Reporting on Children and the Media Course
  1. Project Management (Supporting administration, planning and management of projects -Level 3)
  • Participate in drafting a workplan and calendar for the year.
  • Assist in keeping track of expenditure when relevant but also provide relevant information for funder reports where relevant.
  • Participate in monitoring and evaluation of projects and to collect and provide information that would assist Programme Manager and Head of Programmes to assess the impact of the project.


  1. General responsibilities
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings.
  • Write and distribute minutes for meetings when required.
  • Participate in discussion of articles in week’s media at weekly staff meetings.
  • Write media analyses and commentaries as and when required.
  • Participate in daily news monitoring of identified daily and weekend printed press, appropriately marking and copying/scanning any articles of use to specific or on-going MMA projects and distribute to the appropriate people/central filing system.
  • Participate in rotating news monitoring of recorded prime time television news, and relevant current affairs programmes for specific projects as required.
  • Edit pictures as required from articles scanned for use with analyses written for the website.

7. Job Specifications

Qualifications: Post Matric Qualification in any of the following Journalism, Media Studies, Sociology, Education or any other related field especially children and media.

Experience: A minimum of one year in project implementation and support relevant to media or children and youth development work. Campaigning and workshop facilitation will be an advantage.

8.    Knowledge / Skills / Attitude

  • Understanding of issues relating to media, human rights, social justice and advocacy.
  • Basic understanding rights-based approach and methods
  • Passion and dedication to children’s rights,
  • Administrative and logistical skills
  • Workshop facilitation and presentation skills
  • Easy to work with children and able to support child participation
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills


Deadline for submission: Friday 20th January 2023

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