Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) has released its latest research report into the SABC programming titled “The SABC: What’s on TV and How Healthy Is It?”. The report examined the quality of the SABC television programming, and is a follow up to the August 2013 release of the report titled “What’s on the Menu? Understanding the Diet of Programming for Citizens”, which examined the diversity of programming on all SABC television platforms.

In this latest report MMA found, among others, that:

  • The public broadcaster does not offer outright Deadly Poison food on its television menu;
  • The majority of the items on the menu constitute Junk Food; and
  • Only six percent is Healthy programming.

For more details and to download the full report, click the blue DOWNLOAD tab below.

PLEASE NOTE: Go to our TV Diet Tool to note your personal TV Diet and average television watching time. This will enable you to understand whether you are consuming healthy and nutritious content, or more dangerous or even poisonous content. You can also give us feedback on your television viewing, which will add to the MMA database and strengthen the depth and range of monitoring undertaken.