A feature in City Press “Street kids score on World Pitch.” (21/03/2010, p. 27) by Howard Drakes, received a glad nomination for focusing on a sector of the population who is seldom seen in the media. Soccer-passionate street children participating in the Deloitte Street Child World Championship were both featured and sourced.

The feature pictured, named and interviewed the participating children. The pictures involved the reader in the hype, similar to the hype which professional soccer players produce. One of the children, a South African team player, Andile, was interviewed. He conveys some of the difficulties he’s experienced as a street child.

A quote from the founder of the organisation, Tom Hewitt, further brought home the plight of street children:  “The Street Child World Cup marks a turning point on an issue that is often swept under the carpet. Finally I think we will begin to see street children for what they are – human beings”.

Despite the difficulties associated with finding street children, this article could have done a bit more in terms of investigating the after-effects of the previous world cup to understand what happens to the children once the initiative is over.

Giving children a voice in the media is good, but giving street children a voice is the media is outstanding as they are seldom seen or heard in the media.

Media Monitoring Africa congratulates City Press for publishing a wonderful article, allowing children to be part of the “craze”, at the World Cup approaches.