The article published by Saturday Star, “2010 spurs human trafficking fear” (03/04/2010 p. 8) is one to be glad about. This article exposed common locations of human trafficking in South Africa and how children will be affected by this crime. It also explained human trafficking and its implications to the reader.

Human trafficking has been covered a lot in the media recently but this article explored “debt bonded” labour or trafficking. Debt bonded labour / trafficking is when a person provides a loan to another or provides a services, such as transport for free and then the person is supposed to use his or her labour or services to repay the debt. It explained how bonded labour works and from where people come from.

Linda Naidoo, spokeswoman for the Children’s Rights Centre, was accessed and said their organisation focused on the important aspect of educating the youth by going to schools, explaining what human trafficking is and what they could do if they were ever in a position where the felt vulnerable.

The article refers to the research that provided shocking statistics of child trafficking including the names of the countries from which trafficked children originate, was accessed, “Children as young as seven are being trafficked from Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda”.The article went further and gave the reader an idea of which industries the children will be used in.