Media Monitoring Africa: Programmes

 Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) is committed to ethical journalism and the protection of human rights. We have developed numerous programmes which reflect these commitments, and which demonstrate the versatility of media monitoring.

MMA has carefully cultivated our programme areas to ensure maximum benefit to all, and we have  included within these programmes some reports and updates which will enhance your understanding. These areas are:

We must support our children today so we can create a future for tomorrow. Children are under-represented in the media and their voices must be heard. MMA is committed to changing this statistic by making sure children are heard and protected in South Africa.

MMA strives towards upholding media freedom, democracy and informing citizens and ensuring the media play their role as effectively and dynamically as possible.

Without freedom, the voice of the media cannot be heard and their vital role in democracy cannot be maintained. At the same time, if the media do not fulfil this role professionally and responsibly, they can undermine democracy. MMA promotes and protects media freedom while holding the media accountable and providing best practice.

MMA has undertaken an array of special projects which demonstrate our versatility and capability, here you will find more information about the work we have done.

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