Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) welcomes the decision taken by Ms.  Ellen Tshabalala to resign as the SABC Chairperson of the board. While positive we cannot lose sight on the importance of good governance at the SABC, as well as to ensure appropriate accountability mechanisms are put into place. This is imperative if we are to avoid similar incidents in the future. As a start we call on the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Communications to ensure that when they seek to appoint new members to the SABC Board, that those who are short listed for interviews have their CV’s put up on Parliament Committee website so that members of the public can access and help parliament ensure suitable candidates are appointed.
While the resignation brings to an end formal relations, it is important that we establish what measures will be taken against Ms Tshabalala if indeed she had lied about her qualifications. If these allegations are true, surely appropriate action must be taken?   Without it the public will forever be in the dark, they will either be unsure as to the validity of the allegations, or they will assume that if one does wrong all one needs do is to resign. In both cases they serve to undermine the role of parliament and the credibility of the SABC.
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Carol Mohlala (Researcher) 0746901023 or William Bird (Director) 0828871370