Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) recently launched its latest research report which examined the quality and diversity of programming and news content of the public broadcaster, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). The research, titled “Lack of Diversity (Repeat): An analysis of SABC News and Programming”, was based on an analysis of SABC television schedules and news bulletins from all the TV stations and some radio stations between April 1 this year and 15 May.

Below are a few articles (with links) that talk about the report and its findings. For more on the report, visit our website to get a download of the full report (Click the report link above).

Among other findings, the research found that the SABC “is constantly feeding the South African public a steady diet of old programmes and repeats” as indicated in an article in The Times newspaper (05/09/2012; p. 3). The article, titled “SABC gets an ‘F’ for failing viewers”, is also available online on The Times’ website, TimesLIVE.

The research also found that the SABC “is struggling to meet its language diversity mandate”. An article by Thinus Ferreira on Channel24 titled “SABC failing in language, news – study” talks to this issue. The same issue of diversity, or lack thereof, in terms of SABC programming and content is also captured by an article on Screen Africa website, titled “Lack of diversity at SABC”. An article by Gill Moodie on, titled “SABC pushes soaps at expense of diversity”, delves deeper into this matter. The headline indicates to, among others, the finding by the research that soap operas were the most broadcasted genre on SABC television channels.

Some of the findings of the research including comments from various stakeholder organisations with vested interest in the goings-on at the SABC and its programming issues are picked up on by Wits University student newspaper, Vuvuzela, in article titled “SABC criticised, yet again”.