Media Release

31 August 2022

JOHANNESBURG, 31 August 2022 –  Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) has been monitoring media’s coverage of different issues with the aim of determining trends in coverage. Among the issues monitored in 2022 is the Marikana massacre, a topic that climbs up on the agenda of media, politicians and unions every year in August. This was particularly because 2022 marked 10 years since the massacre.

MMA undertook the monitoring activity of the Marikana massacre analysing South African media
content on the topic published from August, 2012 to August, 2022 from 19 media. Other than
determining trends, the activity was conducted to find out who dominates coverage, their race,
gender, and affiliation. On sources, particular attention was paid to determining whether ordinary
citizens featured significantly as a source. This is important in such analyses because, one of the
ways in finding out the agenda setters on a topic is by looking at media sources. The findings are
being analysed into a report that will be launched soon. However, today, MMA is launching the key findings in order to give a snapshot of the monitoring.

The media and the public are invited to read the key findings.


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