Media Release 

23 November  2021

2021 Local Government Elections Media Coverage Weekly Trends 


JOHANNESBURG, 23 November 2021– Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) monitored selected media’s coverage of the run up to the 2021 Local Government Elections (LGE) to determine what issues were considered a priority by the media, check whether political parties and/or their candidates were represented fairly and without bias and, whether there was an equitable representation of the different racial and gender groups, among other things. In-depth analyses were written on these findings every week and at the end of the election monitoring period, an overall report will be compiled.


See weekly reports below:


Our news media plays an absolutely critical role, not just in helping us know what the parties are up to but in the age of mis and disinformation they also offer news and information you can rely on to make informed decisions. To hold the media accountable to these high level principles, MMA has monitored every single democratic election in South Africa. The results from our monitoring are used to spotlight both the successes of media houses, but also the blind spots that journalists might miss in their everyday reporting. Credible media are an essential part of elections being free and fair.


For further information, please contact:

Lister Namumba, Monitoring, Research and Analysis Programme Manager; 011 788 1278