In conjunction with media partners, academic institutions, thinktanks, activists, members of civil society and individuals across South Africa, Media Monitoring Africa is proud to launch a week-long dialogue on the role of media freedom in South Africa.

Does media freedom matter?

From September 19 through September 23, South Africans will be talking about the importance – or lack of importance – that the media plays in their daily lives.  In an era of social media and Wikileaks, the proposed Protection of Information Bill and Media Appeals Tribunal, of tabloids and scandal sheets, what role does the media play? And what role should it play in a non-racial, democratic South Africa?

Your voice matters!

We want you to participate and to support media freedom week.

So far the following people and groups have endorsed or are partnering with us on events.  Unisa has even taken the initiative of starting a blog!

  • Alternative Information Dissemination Centre (AIDC);
  • Avusa;
  • Centre for Child Law;
  • Cosatu;
  • e-news;
  • Institute for Advancement of Journalism (IAJ)
  • Mail & Guardian;
  • Mediamattersza and Gendermattersza;
  • Primedia;
  • Right 2 Know Campaign;
  • Sacomm and UNISA;
  • SOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition;
  • Talk Radio 702;
  • Womensnet;
  • Y-fm;
  • Already there are a host of exciting events lined up for the week.  Get involved now or miss out. Events include:
  • Current affairs programmes on y-fm;
  • Articles and blogs,
  • Film screenings;
  • Expert workshops, and
  • A one hour debate on e-news with a high profile panel and audience participation.

How can you participate?

  • Have a debate, with your friends, your family, or in your community and tell us about it;
  • Host an event, a film screening, a seminar, a poetry evening or dance about media freedom, whatever jingles your bells!
  • Get onto twitter, and follow the #freemediaza and @mediamattersza;
  • Visit our facebook page
  •  Follow @mediamattersza for events, resources, commentary and more;
  • Visit MMA’s website: where we have a special page set up with coming events for the week

We want to know if media freedom matters, so let us know your thoughts.

For questions comments and more details contact:

William Bird

Director, Media Monitoring Africa

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Thandi Smith

Policy Researcher, Media Monitoring Africa

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