Media Monitoring Africa is excited to announce its new initiative, The Spotters Network. The
Spotters Network aims to curb digital offences and ultimately create an online space that is free
from hate speech, harassment and incitement, whilst simultaneously promoting truthful and
accurate/credible news. In this way, the programme will build people’s critical and digital
literacy skills and make the work of credible journalists and media much easier.

The work done by you, the Spotters, in dispelling false narratives will do well in servicing
underserved communities who often are victims of fraud, scams and false narratives. As part of
this network of people, you will spot digital offences, which include disinformation, incitement
and hate speech. These offences potentially undermine South Arica’s emerging democracy,
reversing the minimal yet significant democratic gains thus far. Therefore, by becoming part of
the network, you are committing to join a group of people who want to be part of the solution by
actively engaging in building an independent and credible media.

We therefore call on you to join our Spotters Network and help combat disinformation, hate speech and more by forming part of a group of people who are dedicated to building democracy. You will also receive invites to events exclusive to Spotters and hear the latest news, trends and
see what things are being spotted.


Show that there can be power in your clicks!