MMA launched the Gender Discrimination in Zambian Media Workplaces: Airing Out The Laundry report in Lusaka on Tue 8 December.

The report seeks to present a comprehensive understanding of how gender discrimination manifests itself in Zambian media workplaces. The research examined the:

  • Prevalence and nature of gender discrimination in Zambian workplaces.
  • Perceptions of gender discrimination among media workers in Zambian workplaces.
  • Causes of gender discrimination as well as the challenges victims confront when lodging a complaint or when deciding to remain in the newsroom or abandon the media profession.
  • Effect(s) of gender discrimination on both victims and perpetrators.
  • Mechanisms (if any) currently in place Zambian workplaces that deal with gender discrimination issues

The findings of this report raise socially relevant questions and concerns about gender discrimination in Zambia´s media workplaces and shows that gender discrimination is a problem which is underpinned by a long history of patriarchy.

The full version of the report will be available soon, printed copies will also be available.
View the results presentation.