51% of the population is female
40-50% of women have experienced violence at the hands of a partner
None of the local election manifestos touch on gender-based violence specifically.

54% of registered voters are women
Just 37% of local election candidates are women
But SA is committed to 50/50 representation by 2015

What are local politicians plans to address these and other gender issues?

Media Monitoring Africa (MMA), GenderMattersZA, Open Society Foundation, The Daily Maverick and Frayintermedia have teamed up with the Commission on Gender Equality (CGE) and Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre to launch the third “Piercing the Promises: Election Accountability Pack” for journalists.

This pack aims to arm media with crucial questions on gender that will allow the electorate to hold local election candidates accountable.

Also available are speaker Janine Hicks (CGE) Opinion Piece: “Women’s Political Representation and Participation” and Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre’s “How do political parties address the problems of HIV/Aids and gender-based violence in their local government election manifestos?”