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Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) and PeaceTech Lab invite you to participate in a survey on hate speech. The purpose of this survey is to identify words or phrases used online that are offensive and inflammatory and could contribute to violence in the current national context.

The survey is short and will not take up much of your time. You basically identify as many words or phrases as you can and only give details on only three of them. The details sought are simply what the words mean, how they are offensive and inflammatory and, what issues or topics are most likely to trigger the use of the identified words or phrases etc.

This survey is on a Google Form and will require you to fill it in in that format. If you are unable to take part in the survey online but would like to participate, kindly get in touch with MMA using the details shared below so that together, we can look for an alternative.

We value your participation and ask that you kindly share the survey with whomever you feel will give valuable input.

The findings of the survey will be shared with you so kindly make sure that you include your email address. Please be informed that the information you provide will be kept private and confidential.

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Thank you for your participation.

Lister Namumba-Rikhotso

T: +27 (0)11 788 1278