The Daily Voice, a Cape Town daily newspaper has grossly abused children’s rights. This story, published the 9th of March 2007, on pages 1, 6 and 7 of the Daily Voice, show children that were drugged, raped, filmed for the purposes of a pornographic film. Their images were then published in the newspaper, with only their eye colour obscured.

This is the front page. Please note, we have obscured these images to protect the children’s rights.
Captions for the pictures include “Teen girl in sodomy scene” and “This girl is only 15”

Details given on the content page include where a potential buyer can buy this DVD and how much they can expect to pay.  This practically amounts to supporting the child porn industry.  And it is uncertain why this was included in the article.  A banner on the top ironically reads “SAVE OUR CHILDREN”

The point of this page (page 7) seems to be to titillate the reader.  The logo of childline is used without their permission.