Daily Sun gets a Glad for its article “Chess princess is now a master!” (Daily Sun, 31/08/2010. p.8) for a positive article about the achievements of 13-year-old chess champion Tshepang Tlala.

The article describes Tshepang Tlale as “South Africa’s best girl chess player”, but says that she has now been awarded the third highest international rating for a chess player, that of “Master.”

The article mentions her latest achievements, as well as the competitions that she is due to compete in. The young chess player is also quoted in the article: “There is still a lot I can aim for on my way to the top.”

This article about an ambitious young black female chess champion challenges stereotypes, such as those that suggest, for example, that chess is a game played predominantly by men.

Media Monitoring Africa congratulates Daily Sun on an interesting article about an ambitious and skillful girl, which not only discussed her achievements, but also accessed and quoted her. In so doing Daily Sun has provided a positive role model for children and has given a child space to have her voice heard.