Accessing children for their views on issues that highlight their achievements is something journalists and news publications should be commended for.

It is for this reason that Daily Sun receives a GLAD[1] from Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) for accessing children in an article written by journalist Nobathembu Zibi.

The article titled, “We don’t know where they got those moves!” (23/07/2019, p.3) is about 7-year-old twins, Karabo and Karabelo Tsoeu, who are reportedly making waves in their community with their impressive dance moves. The two brothers from Khayelitsha, Mangaung are said to be avid dancers who, immediately after getting home from school, quickly hit the dance floor where elders and their peers gather to watch the showpiece. A bright photograph showing the twins in action accompanies the article.

Speaking to the journalist, one of the twins, Karabo, said, “My dream is to dance with the Afrotainment dancers [dancers of a popular South African music stable] and show them my talent.”

In carrying out her work of reporting factually and accurately, the journalist did a good job accessing the children in question and empowering them by relaying the story in a way that celebrates and portrays the children in a positive light.

According to one of the six principles and guidelines for media reporting on children by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), journalists should “in interviewing (and reporting on) children, pay special attention to each child’s right to privacy and confidentiality, to have their opinions heard, to participate in decisions affecting them and to be protected from harm and retribution.”[2] Keeping to this principle, the journalist went on to give the children a voice to speak on an issue that concerns them.

As such, MMA commends Daily Sun and its reporter, Nobathembu Zibi, for espousing good journalistic principles and practice. We further appeal to the publication to continue with this considerate and responsible reporting on children and look forward to reading more inspiring articles like this

By Azola Dayile


[1] GLADs are awarded to media for reporting on children responsibly and for accessing them in matters of their concern.



Daily Sun Editor-in-Chief responded saying;

“Thank you. Daily Sun enjoyed spending time with the twins and their family to showcase their talent. Our readers appreciated their talent as their tale is simply inspirational.”