Daily Sun has received a MAD OAT MAD for its story which lacks basic information. The article seems to contain the “who, what, where and when” factors but fails to provide answers to the “why” element of the story and most importantly, provide sufficient context.

“Boy (11) pokes mum and gogo” (Daily Sun, 24/06/2011, pg. 8) lacks logic. The headline is also misleading, sensational and simply in bad taste.

The article reports on an eleven-year-old boy accused of “having sex with his mentally-challenged foster mother and his grandmother.” It states that “the police are still investigating the allegations” however, the headline proves to be problematic as it implies that the child is guilty of the alleged crime.

Furthermore, by using the word “poke”, the headline trivialises a serious sexual abuse claim.

Confusingly, the content of the story does not indicate why the boy has allegedly been having sex with his foster mother and grandmother. Instead, the journalist quotes a community leader who states: “We also found that the boy was involved in alcohol and drug abuse”. This quote further vilifies the child as it is seemingly used as reason behind his behaviour. Daily Sun therefore missed an opportunity to explore reasons behind why a child would commit such an offence.

The article also does not say how long this has been going on for but quotes a ward councillor as saying: “The bad environment in that house turned the family into wild animals”.

We remind Daily Sun that when reporting on an event, it is vital for journalists to include basic information and give sufficient context.