Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) is concerned that its online initiative “Media Matters” may be confused with SABC 3’s new media, marketing and current affairs programme, which airs for the first time tonight and is also being called “Media Matters.”

Since MMA’s “Media Matters” online initiative was launched three months ago, it has built a strong following both on facebook and on twitter. As its tagline suggests, the focus of the project is “Debating South Africa’s Media” by facilitating discussions on media issues.

In the last month MMA’s Media Matters has launched a number of new initiatives to continue raising the profile of the online project. It now publishes a Media Monday Bulletin each week, and in order to encourage and recognise engagement in media issues, a new MMC or Media Matters Contributor is appointed every Monday.

It is concerning that SABC has given a new programme the exact same name as a South African non-governmental not-for profit initiative. The confusion that this may cause is not helpful.

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