The article in City Press“Exam meals of distinction” (08/11/2009, p. 12), by Gershwin Chuenyane is one to be glad of. The article assists matric learners and parents by teaching them how to prepare nutritional food for the final exams.

The matric exams can be seen as the most signification examinations in a teenager’s life. As such, this article is commendable for encouraging learners to eat the kind of food that may help improve their concentration, memory, nervous system, and digestive system.

The article accesses a nutritionist for comments and advice, which improves its credibility.

The article uses a case study of two teenagers who are currently writing their matric exams, saying exactly what time of day the teenagers write their exam paper and what they eat before the exam. Other matric learners can relate to these two pupils, as the food consumed is likened to what teenagers usually eat.

The nutritionist corrects misconceptions about certain foods, such as coffee. She suggests alternatives and provides reason on why certain foods can help.

While the teenagers are used as case studies in the article, they are not directly accessed for their views by the reporter. It would be good to hear from the teenagers themselves about their experiences.

Caregivers are motivated and empowered to get involved in their children’s matric examinations process by preparing nutritious meals and supporting their children during this stressful period. This may encourage and support carers to be involved in their children’s lives, and give them a chance to bond with their child. It also supports them in their responsibilities as caregivers.

The picture used in the article of a girl in school uniform holding her book, with arrows showing what parts of the body are improved by eating certain foods, is also helpful.

City Press and Gershwin Chuenyane are to be commended for publishing such useful information, which may help improve matric learners’ chances of success.

NoteCity Press was given the opportunity to respond by email, but no response was received.