On 20 November 2020, MMA in collaboration with children and ALT Advisory launched the Children’s Digital Rights Charter, which forms part of MMA’s discussion document on the rights of children online.The aim of the Digital Rights Charter is to give effect to an internet that is accessible, safe and empowering, and that advances the development of children in line with their rights and interests.

During the launch, children had the opportunity to present the digital rights charter,and highlighted some of the themes that they believed were important in understanding children’s rights online. 

The charter focuses on three themes that are central to children’s right online:

  • Access to the internet
  • Participation online
  • Online safety

Child rights experts, policymakers and partners in the child online safety field were also given the opportunity to respond to the charter presented by children and gave input on how industry can work together to ensure these rights are actualized for all children across South Africa.

“It is commendable to see children being part of such discussions, Facebook takes the rights for children seriously. Media Monitoring Africa has done a really good job with the Digital Rights Charter as it will help us understand the gaps. I welcome this document and look forward to working with MMA to address the issues” – Sylvia Musalagani from Facebook commenting on the Digital Rights Charter. 

To access the full discussion document, please click here

Phakamile Khumalo, the Public and Media Skills Development Manager at MMA, facilitated the development of the charter with the children and other MMA colleagues. Phakamile congratulated the children in their efforts in representing their peers by building a holistic charter that can form the basis of the children’s rights online discussion across the country.  

For more info on this event or to find out more about the charter, you can contact Phakamile Khumalo on email phakamilek@mma.org.za