“It is a crisis, it just wasn’t a crisis according to how we as journalists expected it to be. It’s an indictment, it’s a problem with journalists that we follow the pack, and we follow certain stories that are in the news and when it’s out of the news it dies.”
–      Khadija Magardi, Senior Journalist
“Do I think we acted responsibly? Absolutely. Do I think the NGOs acted responsibly? No. I think there was a lot of fear mongering before the world cup”
–      Kevin Ritchie, Editor, Saturday Star

“It’s not always that simple to identify a victim of human trafficking, many of the girls or the women who are victims of this crime, they themselves don’t always know that they are victims of human trafficking due to its subversive nature and the amount of deceit that is involved”
–      Marcel Van Der Watt, Hawks
These are some of the insights uncovered by child journalists Khumo Baduza and Khotso Zinhle in their documentary, for Media Monitoring Africa’s “Child Protection and Trafficking: Is the Media Telling the Right(s) Story”

In the aftermath of the World Cup hype, their documentary seeks to establish a clearer picture of human trafficking and to understand the realities around modern slavery in South Africa.

Khumo and Khotso ask if this is what we’re hearing, reading and seeing in our media, and if not, why not!

Listen now or download it here