The article in Business Day“A new view of energetic children” (15/07/09, p. 7) by Jeannette Moninger is one to be glad of. The enlightening article has a “feel good” photograph and educates parents about Attention Deficit and Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD).

The article draws one’s attention as soon as one looks at the page, because both the headline and the photograph are attractive.

The headline portrays children affected by ADHD in a positive manner as it suggests that they are happy, energetic children.

The photograph shows active children running in an open field with smiles on their faces. This makes a good change from how children are often portrayed, as sad or abused.

The article teaches parents many things about ADHD, such as what symptoms to look out for, how medication works differently with every child and, importantly, not to dismiss the possibility of ADHD in their child, just because s/he is relatively calm. It also provides a box of information on where people can get help for their children, along with background information on the support group.

By providing helpful information, and presenting ADHD in a positive light, this article assists parents in their responsibilities towards children, especially those affected by ADHD. We hope to see more articles like this in Business Day.