These are some of the good stories (in no particular order) to come out of the media in the last two weeks. All these stories deserve gold-stars for not only putting children and issues affecting them at the centre of their reporting but also making sure that they maintain highest ethical standards in their reporting.

1. Kiddies Games gets the little ones out to play! (Daily Sun)girl03
By Njabulo Ngcobo
A health article advocating for the importance of children to live an active lifestyle. The article highlights sports and play as important ways to enhance child development and wellbeing.

2. Play time is kasi teacher(Daily Sun)
By Kopano Monaheng
This child-centred article draws emphasis to how early childhood development helps not only prepare children for their mainstream schooling career, but also develops children emotionally, physically and promotes their ability to socialise.

3. Take this child back (The Saturday Star)
An in-depth and detailed perspective on adoption in South Africa and some of the challenges encountered by adoptees. Also included as part of the coverage is a feature on expert opinions on the underlying causes of “broken” adoptions.


4. Injured pupil shunted from pillar to post (The Star)
By Gabi Falanga
A story of a 17-year-old boy who has been delayed and refused medical attention by different state hospitals; this is after breaking his collar bone during a tackle in a soccer match. The article is well reported and took necessary steps to protect the identity of the child.


5. Boy’s cupboard terror at crèche (The Star)
By Jeanne Kuang
A five-year-old boy was left locked in a storeroom for hours at his day care as part of a 5 minute punishment. The story highlights child negligence and unfit punishment directed on the minor. The article went an extra mile to protect the identity of the child and in so doing minimising harm.

6. Pupils forced to use buckets for seats (The Star)
By Karishma Dipa
A story on lack of educational infrastructure and the massive realities of overcrowding in schools, this focuses on the delivery of education and some of the pitfalls faced by underprivileged students in townships.

7. Guitar maestro, 9, becomes celeb in PMB (News 24)
Amanda Khoza, News24
A story of an inspiring nine-year-old boy who is musically gifted. Luthando Jackson started playing a guitar from the age of seven and is portrayed as an inspiration to other children. Luthando’s voice is also present throughout the article; showing that effort was made by the journalist to source his opinion.



8. Children must be protected (News24)
In light of the recent Child Protection Week, the resounding message behind this article is quite clear and palpable. Every day needs to be dedicated to protecting our children, not just one week.


9. Fighting for school desk (Sowetan)
Bongekile Macupe
This article reminds us how children’s ability to learn can be impaired by a lack of access to infrastructure. It illustrates how furniture shortages in schools is still a big problem. It is great to note that a child was also given a platform to express how this issue is affecting him.

10. Our kids are fat and dying (CityPress)
Zinhle Mapumulo
This is one of the many articles from City Press that have been raising awareness about the dangers of fast-foods and how it robs children off their health. Nutrition plays a huge role in children’s health. This piece, with a central focus on children, highlights the importance of ensuring that children have access to a balanced diet.

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