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On a weekly basis, Media Monitoring Africa elects and writes about stories which violate or support child’s rights in the news. Read more.

Identifying children who are potential witnesses at criminal proceedings is in itself a crime!

Media Monitoring Africa gives these two media a MAD for identifying child witnesses to crimes.

Sowetan fails to protect a traumatised child

Sowetan gets a MAD for interviewing a traumatised child

Dynamic perspective of children’s agency and power

Sunday Times’ positive portrayal of children and the inclusion of their voices earns the publication a GLAD.

City Press gives a child sports hero a chance to tell his story

City Press‘s impressive reporting on a child chess player earns the publication a GLAD

News stories from social media require more vigilance to protect children

A number of media houses receive a MAD for failing to adhere to ethics when reporting a story taken from social media where children were victims of abuse

When not to identify a teen

Sowetan‘s and The Times’ unethical reporting on a child who was a victim of and a witness to a crime lands them a MAD

Being made to recount abuse is the same as being abused again

IOL receives a MAD for contravening Editorial Guidelines and Principles for Reporting on Children despite the guidelines having been endorsed by the media’s mother body, Independent Group. The endorsed guidelines promote ethical reporting on children.

An applause for Sunday Times’ reporting on maternal health

MMA gives a GLAD to Sunday Times for an in-depth coverage on maternal health

South African children: their lives told by City Press

City Press applauded for not only providing an in-depth analysis of how children in South Africa spend their time but also accessing a child and making children the central focus of the story

Children’s portrayal, far cry from consideration of their best interests

The children in this story were portrayed as needy and passive and for that reason, MMA gives The New Age a MAD.

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